Terms & Conditions



Surfing Madonna Oceans Project, its Officers, Directors, agents, and representatives assume NO responsibility for damages, theft, or loss to entries submitted for the show. All Entries are subject to these conditions. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist. Submission of an entry automatically constitutes the entrant’s acceptance of all competition rules.


We strive to protect your work. To prevent possible damage to it, artwork must be appropriately prepared for exhibition when delivered.

1) Two-dimensional work must be wired with sufficient gauge to support the weight of the work and be ready to hang. Your work must be professionaly framed (you can frame it yourself but it should be professional and appropriate for a museum display) or if not framed the edges should be neat and canvases should be on museum gallery wrapped canvas width  - 1 1/2” wide stretcher bars. If your work requires atypical hanging or presentation structure, please contact us prior to delivery dates for clearance. Special hanging, display and/or lighting requirements will be at the discretion of the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project staff.

2) Installation and multiple piece works must include a simple diagram showing installation positions. If your installation is different than what you describe it may disqualify your piece and cannot be accepted.

3) Work previously exhibited at Surfing Madonna Oceans Project shows will not be accepted.

4) Accepted artwork may not be removed before the end of the exhibition.

5) Artists will be contacted the staff when people are interested in purchasing their artwork. Artists will make their sales directly with customers. Artists agree to pay 15% of gross revenues for any sale of artwork to the City of Poway payable on load-out. Artists agree to collect and be responsible for all applicable sales tax on any artwork sold.

Example: Artwork is $200, 15% = $30. Tax in Poway is 7.75%, tax on $200 is $15.50. $30 is payable to city of Poway upon load out and $15.50 is due to the State. 

6) Sold artwork must remain in the show until load-out.

7) Artwork must be considered appropriate for viewing by all audiences, including children.

8) Artwork that fails to comply with entry requirements will be disqualified.


By submitting I acknowledge that I have read and understand the general presentation requirements of the exhibition and will abide by them. The greatest possible care will be taken in handling art works. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project and/or their agents will not be responsible for loss or damage to any artwork submitted.





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