When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls, Fine Art
When Darkness Falls
The night sky seen in all its glory. A meditation to realize that the earth as just a speck in the universe, and we a microscopic bit of dust.

Fine Art (Photography)   14 x 10.5 x 0.1   $300.00    https://www.zhibit.o...  

<p>Dana Levine studied art history and chemistry in school and spent her professional career as a scientist and science educator. After moving to San Diego she renewed her interest in art and took up photography. Artists and scientists strive to see nature with a fresh eye. As a scientist, she discovered how tiny molecules interact and transform their world. As a teacher, she helped learners use science to explore their surroundings, think logically, and reach conclusions based on their experiments. As an artist, she thinks in visual, impressionistic images rather than chemical symbols and mathematical equations. She primarily exhibits her work in San Diego.&nbsp; She has had one woman shows at Emory University in Atlanta and Scripps Clinic.</p>