Hardship: Together We Can

Hardship: Together We Can, Fine Art
Hardship: Together We Can
When see with one eye, we are together. Whatever the hardship, we can meet the challenge, the opportunity. Then together we can benefit our home planet in ways that we can only imagine.

Fine Art (Acrylic Painting)   22 x 30 x 1   $425.00   

<p>Arlette Stella is late-blooming, self-taught.</p>
<p>“For me, to paint is to breathe, to exist. I am an artist!” declares Arlette, surprised and bemused.</p>
<p>Arlette’s boundless imagination and deeply philosophical and abstract nature is evident in every piece that she creates.</p>
<p>Thus, she rightfully terms her art: Abstract/Fanciful Message Art.</p>
<p>And, her message? Kindness.</p>