Summer Storm

Summer Storm, Fine Art
Summer Storm
"Summer Storm" is an oil painting done in a thin wash technique using quick active painting brush strokes. The feeling of wind blowing just before a surprise storm in summer from the viewpoint high in the air looking down on land and water is expressed in color and in the ribbon-like debris floating high above the sea and land and dancing on the breeze as if stolen from hats or banners. Rain can be seen in the left corner starting its decent. The air is dreamily clear.

Fine Art (Oil Painting)   36 x 36   $600.00    https://LindaKelson....  

<p>Linda Kelson is an abstract expressionist painter who has lived in San Diego since 1983. Her preferred medium is oils. She studied studio art at the Art Institute of Boston and again at Fairleigh Dickenson University in New Jersey where she received a bachelors degree. After working for years in the corporate world and painting part-time, she was able to devote herself full-time to her art and to her devotion to animal causes in 1990. As much as her works are experiments in color and texture, and movement, each painting has a message within it - sometimes more than one. Most of the works are about the environment, climate change, animal protection, or human rights.&nbsp; She and her husband have been involved in animal and environmental causes for over 30 years.&nbsp; All of her sales proceeds are donated to animal causes.</p><p></p>