Girabaldi in Kelp

Girabaldi in Kelp, Fine Art
Girabaldi in Kelp
As title would indicate this is an oil painting of a golden Girabaldi swimming in a kelp bed. of the coast of southern California.
ADD to the size dimensions an additional 1.5 inch for the frame.

Fine Art (Oil Painting)   36 x 24 x 1.5   $1,100.00    https://www.wandabro...  

<p>My life has been one of constant motion. I moved many times and lived in many parts of the USA as well as abroad. I have been fortunate to&nbsp; have traveled to many countries. What all this movement has done for me is it has given me unique impressions of the world, its people and lifestyles. I am mostly self taught since childhood with a spattering of formal <br>classes and learning from artist friends along the way. The last decade I've been focusing more on my art. I am primarily a painter working in oils on canvas. I like to think of my work on landscapes as being a cloud gardener as the unique beauty of clouds are featured.</p>