Always There

Always There, Fine Art
Always There
'Always There' is a canvas painting created with acrylic, pastel, pencil and ink framed in a unfinished Doug fir float frame (finished depth is 2.5 in with float frame). It draws inspiration from the fluidity of Mother Nature and the movement of the ocean where it meets land. The collision of chaos that calms our hearts and minds. Her rhythmic energy is familiar, comforting and always there to welcome us.

Fine Art (Acrylic Painting)   30 x 40 x 1.5   $1,900.00   

<p>Robin Rene Burgin is an artist and resides in San Diego, CA. She&nbsp;is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (in training) and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010. Her technique draws inspiration from the storytelling of Neoclassicism, the markings of abstract expressionism and the curiosity of her nervous system.She has been a creative being her entire life. As a child crayons and markers were her favored materials. In later years -- photography, graphic design and printmaking has contributed to her artistic repertoire.Her current body of work is autobiographical and influenced by her contemplative practice of movement and somatic experience. It is an internal exploration that is communicated through the movement of markings made with paint, pastel and pencil on canvas. A vehicle that has enabled her to integrate the sensations of her nervous system. She seeks to share her somatic experience through art as a medium. To bring awareness to the use of art as a therapy and a way to express what words sometimes cannot communicate.</p>