#4350, Fine Art
Pine needle weaving made with long leaf pine needles from South Carolina. The pine needles have been baked in glycerin to make them darker, shinier, and more pliable. The center is an ammonite -- a fossil that is about 416 million years old. At the bottom are sea urchin spines. The method of contruction is called coiling or weaving of the pine needles. Woven into the piece are tiger eye chips and ceramic beads. The pine needles are woven together with Irish waxed linen (Crawford brand). This process takes many hours and is truly a labor of love. This weaving has a woven hanger so it can be hung on a wall.

Fine Art (Mixed Media)   15 x 15 x 1.5   $350.00    https://www.etsy.com...  

<p>Grace's interest in gourds began as a small child, born and raised in Nigeria. The Nigerian people use gourds for everything from storing food to spoons to holding cosmetics. When she saw a class on gourd art 15 years ago she decided to give it a try. The feel and smell of the burning gourd just took her “home”. She was hooked. As she started makiing gourd art she found that she wanted to add pine needles as an embellishment. From that grew her love of making pine needle artwork and baskets.<br><br>Her gourds and pine needle artworks are sold through the Off Track Gallery, Encinitas; Fallbrook Art Center; on Etsy; and in person at about 15 shows throughout Southern California. Her current inventory is on her website GourdsByGrace.com.</p>